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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers at Dayspring are the very core of
our success. Without their commitment, enthusiasm and hard work, our
mission - to enhance the independence and provide valuable life skills to
individuals with disabilities through multi-level equine programs - would be no
more than a pipeline dream.
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Dayspring volunteers participate in all aspects of activities and do so as individuals, family, work groups, students and participants in community service. They donate their time, skills and effort to help support Dayspring and the people it serves.  No matter what your skills may be, there’s a place and a need for them here at Dayspring!

Lesson Program

Volunteers, both teens and adults, are needed to assist certified instructors as they teach their classes to clients with disabilities.  Volunteers assist by leading horses or walking (side walkers) beside riders during classes. Horse leaders come with experience and understanding of horses aiding in horse care such as tacking, grooming and overall horse care. Side walkers do not need experience and sole focus is on the rider to ensure their helmet is equipped, that they have warmed up, and that they are comfortable during the lesson. Dayspring is committed to training volunteers to ensure consistency with its riders and horses. Volunteers should be willing to commit to the same day and time each week and must commit to at least one block of classes ( 10 total classes).

Please note: The volunteer Lesson Program involves moderate physical activity. Please be sure you are comfortable with the physical aspects.


Volunteers assist with word processing, data entry, filing, bulk mailing, public relations, developing and refining programs, liaising with volunteer specialist teams and other support tasks. Volunteers become project managers, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. In addition, they will also serve as receptionist and help answer phone calls/ emails.   This job is intensive with the aim of completing one assigned project during your time per visit.

Ranch chores/ Farm maintenance


Volunteers aid in general maintenance, repairs and improvements of the facility including fencing, construction, and help in overall aesthetics of the project. In addition, volunteers will partake in a variety of ranch chores that is necessary at the time, such as inventory counts, cleaning of tack and equipment, to the afternoon feeding sessions.

Events/Fundraiser Coordinator

Volunteers will be working in small groups to arrange events every 12 weeks, either off or on-site, in order to raise funds in order to sponsor programs, individuals and grow as a non-profit organisation. Volunteers primary goal is to encourage the community to join in on our activities, raise awareness about the charity and its programs so that we can expand our reach to more individuals in need of our aid. Volunteers looking to develop their entrepreneurial skills and use their skills for a good cause are always needed. Your projects will become our campaigns, your success becomes ours, so volunteers will be tasked with finding sponsors, marketing and designing the event ( with the appropriate amount of help!). The photo on the left shows a veteran tournament .

Professional/Technical Skills

We understand that not everyone can donate their time, but after reading about what we do and would still love to help, we don’t want to leave you hanging! If you have professional/technical skills (or looking to develop a particular set of skills) that you feel will benefit Dayspring, such as photography, social media, marketing, graphic design, webdesign etc. we would love to talk and see how we would make things work!

Example of graphic design
Dayspring shirts


Groups such as corporate groups, schools/colleges, youth groups, or community service organizations may support Dayspring with a one-day volunteer effort or volunteer over- time effort, usually assisting with facility projects or special events. We are currently partnered with ETBU, 4H etc.,.

Our Promise to our Volunteers

After 35 hours of documented service, ALL volunteers (yes, YOU) will be eligible to give some extra TLC to your favorite horse (and while we’re sure you’ll fall in love with each of our horse, we know favorites do happen and we don’t blame you in the slightest!). We will also teach you basic horsemanship (which includes lunging, carriage driving and harnessing as well as a personal 1 on 1 riding lesson from our director or trainers)  as a thank you for your hard work.


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