Wow! What a busy summer it has been at DayspringTEC!

Our 2017 Indian Summer camp is nearly over but we have left our children and volunteers beaming with warm summer smiles.  With Joaquin, Toots and the gang out in the fields practising the native American symbols they have learned, I managed to grab our radiant Executive Director, Sheryl Fogle, for an exclusive interview about her thoughts on our favorite annual event.


What are your thoughts on this years summer camp?

Fun, fun, fun comes to mind!  I love to see the barn full of horses and people having fun!  We have been busy enjoying our summer campers and teaching them how to safely interact with horses!  The weather has been cooperating too; it has been somewhat pleasant for June with moderate humidity and an occasional cooling breeze.  Dayspring’s volunteers have done a great job in keeping things on schedule and moving smoothly!  Overall, I am very pleased with our summer camp program!  We have terrific volunteers and amazing horses who are always ready to serve!


How successful has this year’s summer camp been?

Our first week of camp started with a bang!  We had 10 campers registered and everyone had perfect attendance during that week!  We were busy to say the least!  We even had one of our ponies developed colic on the first day of our first week of camp! We were so worried that Melvin, our beloved Welsh/Shetland pony got sick and had to spend 3 days in a clinic!  We were so grateful to finally bring him home, “fit and trim,” by the end of that first week of camp!  The rest of the camps for the month of June were half as large and much more manageable.  Everyone had a blast; I have not heard a single complaint!  Riding, puppet shows, and water balloon games seem to be everyone’s favorite activities!


How many children participated this year? How many volunteers? 

Over the 4 weeks of camp in the month of June, we had 24 participants!  Dayspring’s adult wranglers faithfully served alongside me throughout the entire month.  It truly takes a village to build a program like Dayspring!  


What has been your favourite activity? 

This year we added a daily puppet show to our scheduled activities and it was very successful!  Vicki Baker, Dayspring’s Volunteer Coordinator, wrote and directed each performance.  Her son, Ja, and daughter, Mattie, also were a big part of their success.  They are both very talented and played their parts well!  The puppet shows were a favorite activity for all of us!


How much have you managed to raise?

Our summer camp program has become a yearly fundraiser for us.  Funds from our registration fees provide monies for our daily operating expenses as well as scholarships for our clients who cannot afford to pay for Therapeutic Riding sessions.  June’s net camp revenue of $1,962 greatly helped in this regard.


In your opinion, which horse deserved the” best in show” ribbon for this years annual camp?

Definitely, “Star-Struck Marigold,” our mobile Assisted-Living Therapy horse, deserves this award!  During each week of camp, she was our model for learning the horse’s body parts.   She loves children and the children love her and that made this part of our summer program especially fun and exciting!

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