Marigold is back again!

Our favorite contender for the Horse Presidential Elections is back out and campaigning. Find out more about Marigold’s activities as we join her in her adventures with our very own daySeniors Program.


Marigold is galloping ahead in Marshall’s horse election! Her campaign furthers after having gained increased support from residents at Reunion Inn and Oakwood House, Marigold is now extending her reign to nearby areas visiting the seniors situated at Buckner Westminster, Longview and Magnolia Place and Cyprus Place in Jefferson.

Marigold has brought yet another bout of smiles and laughter as our fierce miniature pony spoke fondly to the residents in gentle nickers and whinnies promising an increase in carrots and nose scratches. The residents got up close and Marigold’s star performance left everyone beaming in high spirits – she even gave her new canine friend a ride.  We can’t wait to hear more about Marigold’s campaign! Where will Marigold visit next? 


You can learn more about our daySeniors program here.

The success we have had working in our daySenior Program is consistent with the research on equine-assisted therapy. Please help us increase our efforts to visit various residential homes by sharing our posts and donating to our charity through Amazon, Paypal or Facebook Page followed by the #Marigold4HorsePresident.


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