Actually it’s a horse…

But it’s got the personality of a dragon! What do you do? Marigold has found the perfect trainer to teach you how to get  your horse into tip-top riding condition. 

Getting a new horse is an exciting time for many, and we have come across our fair share of fiery personalities over the years. We have decided it’s important to share that experience and put you in a comfortable position with your equine friend so that both of you have an enjoyable experience. This course is centered around Natural Horsemanship Training. This program has been carefully crafted for individuals who have recently bought horses that may offer a bit too much personality – or for re-educating young horses for western saddle. It will be especially beneficial if you’re considering in buying a horse with limited experience, or worried about starting(breaking) a horse in and schooling him/her without the proper knowledge. Fear not. We’re here for you!

This new program means you can board your horse at our stables and in addition, they are guaranteed 20 rides per month. Our very own Cullen Adams is offering horse starting ( or breaking in your horse) training sessions. We want to provide the perfect foundations for a comfortable Texan ride. In addition, if you want to come along and watch the progress, we are more than happy for you to do so. 

Considering our riding sessions alone are $35 per lesson, you will be saving $200!! What are you waiting for?

Plus marigold will be excited to make more friends!

Contact Cullen Adams (903) 360-6954 or Sheryl Fogle (817)980-2535 for more information

You can learn more about our Horse Starter Flyer here.

The success we have had working in our daySenior Program is consistent with the research on equine-assisted therapy. Please help us increase our efforts to visit various residential homes by sharing our posts and donating to our charity through Amazon, Paypal or Facebook Page followed by the #Marigold4HorsePresident.


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